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What is hymenoplasty, hymen repair surgery?

Hymenoplasty, Hymen repair is one of the most common genital area operations. Hymen repair surgery is basically a surgery performed to ensure that bleeding occurs as in a virgin woman when a woman who has lost her virginity has intercourse for the first time after surgery.
The bleeding that occurs in the first intercourse after hymen repair operation is the same with that in the first intercourse of a virgin woman. There is no difference in the color, amount or properties of the bleeding.
Normally there is no standard of bleeding caused by the first tear of the hymen in a virgin woman. Bleeding may be pinkish and in small amounts like drops in some women and may be red and in excessive amounts in others. 

What are the best an quaranty methods of hymenoplasty, hymen surgery?

Hymen repair can be performed in two different methods called temporary and permanent methods. The most obvious difference between these two methods is that the temporary method should be performed maximum 7-10 days before the intercourse date when bleeding is expected and the permanent hymen repair can be performed at any time regardless of the date of intercourse. Both methods can be performed under hygienic and sterile clinic conditions under sedation anesthesia .

Hymen Repair , Hymen Reconstruction, Why?

Women who had sexual intercourse before or who have flexible hymen prefer the hymen repair operation as a solution to this problem; because if hymen is torn before with sexual intercourse or if the hymen is flexible and there will be no bleeding in the first intercourse, the area at the entrance of the vagina where the hymen is located is reconstructed from its natural tissue with triple flap technique and the original, veined regular hymen tissue is restored.
Thus, after the surgery whenever the first sexual intercourse occurs the vascularized tissue that is reconstructed by the flap technique is torn by force of the penis just like the first sexual intercourse and a bleeding occurs same as the original hymen bleeding.

Different Methods of Hymenoplasty;Permanent and Temporary Hymen Repair

Hymen repair can be performed in two different methods called temporary and permanent methods.
Temporary hymen repair can be surgically performed . This method is performed at least 1-2 days before marriage and aims to stitch the torn leaves of the hymen together to ensure bleeding during intercourse.
Other method is called permanent hymen repair and it is performed using the flap removal method. In this method, a section from the lower wall of the vagina is removed and the hymen is reconstructed. Here the reconstructed hymen tears during intercourse and bleeding occurs. If the patient has had miscarriage, childbirth or abortion before, tightening procedure can be performed while performing the permanent method.
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We do Superhymenoplasty method, Best and Quaranty Permanent Hymenoplasty Method.Because women who were previously forced to an undesired sexual intercourse or who had intercourse that they regret think that their spouses would not accept the fact that they had a sexual intercourse before, that they may be subjected to psychological pressure both by their spouses and their family, that they may lose their spouses and even their life may be threatened, they have hymen repair operation and try to avoid the emergence of these problems.
As a result of the operation performed for this purpose, bleeding must occur in the first intercourse to be engaged on the wedding night, otherwise having hymen repair operation will have no meaning and the probable problems cannot be avoided. Therefore, doctor preference for hymen repair is very important. Dr. Nevra is board certificated english speaking female gynecologist in istanbul
Hymenoplasty prices in İtanbul turkey, Cheap and best Hymen Surgery. How Much Does Hymen Repair Costin Turkey?
 Our local and international patients who are interested in hymen repair prices can ask questions by contacting us at any time through our contact information and free consultation section on our website. Although we do not share hymen repair price information, we can say that factors such as the performed hymen repair method, whether or not laser is used and patient preferred anesthesia method  affect the fees. Laser use and general anesthesia preference increases the hymen repair prices. In addition, a more favorable price is given for combined procedure of hymen repair & laser vagina tightening with vaginal tightening performed in the same session with hymen repair compared to performing the two procedures separately..

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